This site is conceived as an educational encyclopedia of African political cartooning and cartoonists. As such, when finished, it will have entries on cartoonists from all African countries and show copious samples of their works. As appropriate, there will be links to news, interviews, reviews, journalistic articles and scholarly books and essays on cartooning in Africa generally, and individual cartoonists. This encyclopedia is inspired by a book in progress on political cartooning in Africa.

To use the map below, roll your cursor over the map and click on a country to view cartoonists’ pages and cartoons. Please note that not all countries have entries uploaded yet. For that reason, I will save you some time with this listing of the countries with already uploaded samples; simply click on any: Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda & Zimbabwe. Once I have uploaded entries for all or most of the countries, I would delete the listing, leaving only the map.

Please look around and enjoy, and please send me your suggestions. I am particularly looking for assistance in compiling the names, brief bios, and samples of works of cartoonists past and present in and from each African country. So, if cartoonists from your country are not represented here yet, please email me their names and cartoon samples. It is possible that I already have them in my archive waiting for processing and web upload, but send me their names and/or cartoons all the same. To all those who have been emailing me stuff, my appreciation.

Thank you!

Tejumola Olaniyan


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